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Myth: I Have to Live Near a Golf Course to Get Really Good


If you want to take your golf game to the next level, spending ample time on the course, working on your form and hitting as many rounds as possible is a must. There is simply no way to compete well without putting the hard work and time in required to be at the top of your game. Most people find it challenging to find extra time on the green when added into work and family time and time spent with friends. Something needs to change in order to carve out the time needed to enjoy extra time on green.

Sure, you’ll save time, but …

Living close to a golf course is one great solution to gaining extra time needed. Cutting out the long commute by choosing a home within close proximity to great clubs, gives you extra time on the green as opposed to time wasted driving. Some people choose to live directly on a golf course, with their home lining to green. While this may seem like the perfect alternative, having a golf course in your backyard can prove to be problematic. Many luxury homeowners regret choosing a home with a built in stream of strangers walking through their backyard at any give time. Weekend golfing parties can get rowdy and loud, and the homeowners association is meticulous and specific with regard to how your yard is manicured. Not to mention the hassle and expense of golf balls sailing through windows or dinging the hood of nearby cars. A growing trend among golf enthusiasts is popping up and it has proved to be an amazing alternative in the golfing lifestyle. Dedicated fans of the game have found that choosing a luxury home in a well established golf area, can not only give you bonus time working on your strokes because its a short drive away, but also helps avoid the pitfalls of golf club homes on the fairway.

How can you find an amazing home only a short distance from amazing golfing, club atmosphere and highly regarded coaches? Start by searching luxury complexes and looking at the surrounding area, golf courses and proximity to major transportation routes to make it easy for you to commute to work, play and golf.

An example from my old neighborhood in PA

For example, choosing a stylish and well curated home like those of The Royal Worthington in Malvern, PA places you in the mecca of well known golf courses and training centers. With over 10 premiere golf institutions within close proximity, living in this area gives you first pick of the best training and play the area has to offer. Located in the hub of transportation with short drive or train distance to both Philadelphia and New York, the King of Prussia area is a hidden gem of golf stardom. If you are looking to make a move that will improve your golf game, enhance your life as a whole and give you the comfortable and stylish life you deserve, The Royal Worthington is a perfect choice. One more luxury apartment project in the King of Prussia area is The Lofts at Valley Forge which has the same proximity to golf courses and luxury feel over it.

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